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icon_11100% Natural Products

All our fresh produces are 100% natural products as we at Agromoon do our best to grow our different fresh products on safe soils and minimize the use of any chemical substances on our farms as to produce 100% fresh healthy foods.

icon-4Non-GMO Foods

We do confirm that None of our fresh produces contains genetic material which has been artificially manipulated in laboratories through genetic engineering.

icon-2Always Best Quality products

It is our team task to always produce, pack and export fresh fruits and vegetables with finest quality as our main goal is our customers satisfactions all the year round.

icon-1Environmentally friendly production

At Agromoon our team is doing their best to reduce the air and soil pollutions through the Good Agricultural Practices they are following in the farms up as to help in producing healthy foods.

About Us

Agromoon Import and Export Company is considered one of the Egyptian companies engaged in the field of agricultural crops import and export. The company was registered in the chamber of commerce under No. 11326 in 2009. The company also became a member in the council of commodity under No. 1111 in 2009. Since its foundation in 2009, the company’s name “Agromoon” is in continuous progress and development because the company always seeks to open new markets. At the importing level, the company imports many agricultural crops such as apples, kiwi, garlic and bananas from several countries like Italy, Poland, Greece, Turkey, China and Sudan.

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